[sane-devel] 3 minor problems with current (20061202) CVS code on OS/2

Alessandro Zummo azummo-lists at towertech.it
Fri Dec 8 18:09:53 CET 2006

On Fri, 08 Dec 2006 17:37:31 +0100 (CET)
"Franz Bakan" <fbakan at gmx.net> wrote:

> On Fri, 8 Dec 2006 00:45:04 +0100, Alessandro Zummo wrote:
> > > now all compiles again here on OS/2 without errors.
> > 
> >  great! now tell me you have an epson scanner to test
> >  the driver with :)
> Well which epson scanners are supposed to work?
> there is no epson2.desc or epson2.man.

 I know, still have to write them. It is supposed to
 support the same scanners as epson backend. 

> I have an epson GT-9500
> I could try later this weekend.
> What's the benefit over epson backend?

 actually, only minor benefits. But I want to be
 sure I have not breaked compatibility with other

 In somewhat near future, epson2 will be able to scan
 using extended commands (they should be a little bit faster),
 talk to network capable scanners and to the FilmScan 200.

 I also would like to collect information on the scanners
 in order to maintain compatibility in the future.

 Best regards,

 Alessandro Zummo,
  Tower Technologies - Turin, Italy


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