[sane-devel] Problems in 1.0.18, sane_fujitsu, USB fi5120C.

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Wed Dec 13 01:33:04 CET 2006

On Fri, 8 Dec 2006, Lonny Granstrom wrote:

> Latest release for sane-fujitsu in July2006 (1.0.18) has broken BASH scripts.

yes. the fujitsu backend has been nearly completely rewritten between sane 
1.0.17 and .18. Many of the options provided by the backend may have 
changed names or take a different range of options. if your scripts are 
coded to look for certain option names, they will no longer work.

> 1. Running scanadf/scanimage --help -d <USB-fi5120C> documents arguments that
>  are NOT accepted: --pagewidth, --pageheight.

what do you mean 'NOT accepted', do you get an error?

> 2. Help messages for -x, -y, --pagewidth, & --pageheight do NOT provide 
> proper
>  information, descriptions are all the same.

what messages do they provide? my copy says:

     -x 0..224.846mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [215.872]
         Width of scan-area.
     -y 0..863.489mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [279.364]
         Height of scan-area.
     --pagewidth 0..224.846mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [215.872]
         Must be set properly to align scanning window
     --pageheight 0..863.489mm (in steps of 0.0211639) [279.364]
         Must be set properly to eject pages

>  (e.g., for ADF, both -l and -x MUST be used to properly mimic the missing
>         --pagewidth argument)

-l and -x are not the same as --pagewidth. the last tells the scanner the 
size of the paper so it can decide where the left margin on the adf 
is located. the other two set the location of the area that will be 
scanned. note that the pagewidth must be larger than the location you are 
trying to scan, or you will likely get an error.

> 3. Changes to --source options are misleading.
>  (e.g,; --source ADF Front [as documented default] does NOT work,
>         fact that value MUST be quoted is not indicated.
>         Command that works: --source 'ADF Front' or --source "ADF Front")

this is common to all multi-word options accessed by scanimage, and not 
fujitsu specific. the output that you see is generated by scanimage. 
perhaps scanimage could check for whitespace inside a string arg, and put 
quotes around it before display.

> [NOTE: none of the following occurs if --source ommitted (using default)]
> A. Running the command from same BASH script now fails 100% with the 
> following:
>    scanadf: setting of option --source failed (Invalid argument)


> Any help or suggestions would be appreciated?

maybe escape the quotes with a \ when you build your SCAN_OPTS variable?
this is really a bash question, not a sane question.


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