[sane-devel] SANE2 commitment

Frank Zago sane at zago.net
Sun Dec 17 20:25:01 CET 2006

Alessandro Zummo wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Dec 2006 19:33:51 +0100
> Frank Zago <frank at zago.net> wrote:
>>>  some people has committed the time necessary to
>>>  port to sane2 the first bunch of drivers.
>>>  we are currently missing coders for
>>>  - all of sanei/* (i'll take sanei_tcp)
>>>  - the build system (configure, makefile et al) 
>>>  - X11 frontends
>> I believe the right approach is to fork the existing tree and start
>> fixing and adding functionalities to it. That way you'll keep something
>> that works all the time, saving many headaches.
>> As or for the sane2 standard, it's only just a piece of paper right now.
>> Coding should determine what will stay and what will go away, not the
>> opposite (cathedral vs bazaar).
>  so you're saying to declare current sane as stable,
>  fork it and add features to the new tree, making
>  it "morphing" into something that will be the next sane?
Yes. I think sane1 can evolve into sane2 step by step so as to keep a
working  tree.

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