[sane-devel] SANE2 commitment

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Wed Dec 20 20:33:38 CET 2006

Alessandro Zummo wrote:
>  Hello developers,
>    since there seems to be interest in developing sane2, I've decided
>  to start this thread in order to collect the commitment of each developer.
>  I'm willing to port the epson driver to sane2, help porting the
>  coolscan driver and handle the command line frontend. 
>  I think Giuseppe Sacco has showed interest to do coolscan
>  bits. 
>  A friend of mine, Stefano Merlo, has committed himself
>  to the canon driver.
>  I'd appreciate if everyone who is interested can reply
>  with their own commitments for the 2007.. ehm.. sane2 :)

Firstly, kudos to Alessandro for starting a new attempt to get Sane2

Let's make sure that we don't get again an ugly exchange of
arguments like we had, ummm, seven (?) years ago, which eventually
"froze" the first attempt of a new version of Sane.

Unfortunately, I can't make at present an honest commitment for
contributions to Sane2 in the next year -- it is quite unclear how
much time I will have.

If I find time, I will work on the Sharp backend, on the sanei_scsi
library (well, mostly it's Linux part... I don't know enough about
the other platforms supported by Sane) and a Python library for Sane.

I agree with Martin and Etienne that device detection and desktop
integration should be improved, but I also think that we should keep
support for operating systems that don't have any HAL support. My
problem is that I don't know anything about HAL implementation in
Linux or elsewhere -- can anybody give me a pointer to an introduction?


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