[sane-devel] Plustek Optic Slim 2420

Jon Chambers jon at jon.demon.co.uk
Sun Dec 31 16:05:21 CET 2006


On Sunday 31 December 2006 13:40, Maximilian Fabricius wrote:
> [...]
> Finally Plustek agreed to provide me with infrmation if I singn their
> NDA (non disclosure agreement). Do you have any feeling about that? Is
> that standard? Do I sell my soul?

Unless they explicitly allow you to reveal their "secrets" by way of writing 
open source code (this seems unlikely) then by doing so you would potentially 
prevent yourself from legally contributing to the open source SANE driver for 
any Plustek products.  Once you have signed the NDA you can never unsign it 
so I would be inclined not to unless you can obtain explicit written prior 
permission from Plustek to use the information for an open source driver.


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