[sane-devel] Re: Slanted and color-seperated results on HP5370c

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Wed Feb 1 13:29:19 UTC 2006


I'm sorry, I'm a software developer and not the support hotline for a random
software distribution.

If I would have free time (but I have a magazine article due tomorrow) I would
respond in a more helpful way, but please try to get help the CC'ed lists.

On Wednesday 01 February 2006 14:19, Peter wrote:
> I tried to install a newer version (1.0.17), now everything seems really 
> messed up. The xSane icon has disappeared from my Applications > 
> Graphics menu, the sane command in terminal just says "command not 
> found" (even though it is installed according to Synaptic), and running 
> xsane from the terminal results in a window "No devices available". No 
> changes after rebooting the computer. I am running Ubuntu 5.10.
> Booting into Windows XP, and my scanner works fine as it should.
> I have no idea what is going on, as I said I am a Linux newbie...

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