[sane-devel] Question: scanning in the user mode

Monika Leibold MLeibold at rtlworld.de
Wed Feb 1 17:29:15 UTC 2006

Question: scanning in the user mode

Ladies and gentlemen,
 Can I _only_ in the user mode scanning, if I before in the Root
 mode the scanner program "xsane" started had?
When starting "xsane" in user level appears following help note:

no devices availble

Possible reasons:

1) There really no device that is support by Sane
2) Supported devices are busy
3) The permissions for devices file do not allow you to use it - try as 
4) The backend is not loaded by Sane (man sane -dll)
5) The backend is not configured correct (man sane-"backendname")    sane
6) Possibly there is more than one SANE version installed

Or is there a other possibility direct in the user mode to scanning.

My system: SuSE Linux 9.1 Professional; KDE 3.2.1

You've my apologies my English, it is with one translation program written.

Via their answer would be I very pleased.

With kind regards

Monika Leibold

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