[sane-devel] Question: scanning in the user mode

Jean-Baka Domelevo-Entfellner domelevo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 21:48:08 UTC 2006

Hi Monika,

If I understand your question, you are facing problems when you run
sane as a normal user. It's probably because the permissions are not
correctly set, so the root is the only one allowed to write to the
scanner. You should then read http://www.sane-project.org/README.linux
and try to solve your problem as indicated.
Another possible meaning for your mail is the following : you first
run xsane in a root session, and then you try to run it
_simultaneously_ as a normal user. In that case the root session could
lock the device, but I frankly do not understand why you would need to
do that...

Anyway, if the problem gets hard to solve, it will become impossible
to understand once passed through an automatic translator... As many
people in the sane project are German-speaking persons, you could
address to them directly in German, and even if I don't want to
encourage people in speaking on the list in other languages than
English, I personnally wouldn't care...


On 2/1/06, Monika Leibold <MLeibold at rtlworld.de> wrote:
> Question: scanning in the user mode
> Ladies and gentlemen,
>  Can I _only_ in the user mode scanning, if I before in the Root
>  mode the scanner program "xsane" started had?
> When starting "xsane" in user level appears following help note:
> no devices availble
> Possible reasons:
> 1) There really no device that is support by Sane
> 2) Supported devices are busy
> 3) The permissions for devices file do not allow you to use it - try as
> root
> 4) The backend is not loaded by Sane (man sane -dll)
> 5) The backend is not configured correct (man sane-"backendname")    sane
> 6) Possibly there is more than one SANE version installed
> Or is there a other possibility direct in the user mode to scanning.
> My system: SuSE Linux 9.1 Professional; KDE 3.2.1
> You've my apologies my English, it is with one translation program written.
> Via their answer would be I very pleased.
> With kind regards
> Monika Leibold
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