[sane-devel] lexmark x1170 @Mdk2005: OK, but making noises

patek patek4 at o2.pl
Sat Feb 4 14:41:51 UTC 2006


I managed to install x1170 so that it is detected by the frontends. I 
just had to ./configure with option --prefix=/usr as the default was 
/usr/local (my distro is Mandriva 2005 Limited Edition Download).

Now the frontends detect it, but when I try to scan anything, the 
scanner begins making loud noises. Like PROBLEMS.txt says, I turned it 
off. The printer turned off when I pressed the button on the device, but 
it kept making noise so I plugged it off. I tried only with Kooka and 
didn't try to plug the device in again. I suppose this backends' fault.

What should I do now? Do you need any logs etc.?

Thanks in advance, special thanks to Fred for the suitable advice.

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