[sane-devel] Request for logs from linux Epson Perfection 2480/3490 user

Jaroslaw Gorny jaroslav at aster.pl
Tue Feb 7 09:44:03 UTC 2006


Dnia Tuesday 07 February 2006 07:03, Paul Smedley napisał:
> Hi All,
> For whatever reason, uploading of scanner firmware fails on OS/2 for
> the Epson 2480/3490 scanners.
> I'm wondering if someone who has one of the above scanners working on
> *nix could generate a set of debug logs for me - just so I can see if
> there are any obvious differences on OS/2 compared to *nix.
> Scanner output with:
> &
> would be appreciated - can be sent offlist to paul at smedley dot info

I've got 2580 Photo. AFAIK it's (almost) the same as 2480.
The difference is that 2580 has a motor to move transparencies.

My *nix is linux-

If You're interested, I can send You all logs You need :)



Jaroslaw Gorny
jaroslav at aster.pl

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