[sane-devel] Writinng a driver for canoscan 3000

Marbrier Sebastien sebastien.marbrier at laposte.net
Thu Feb 9 21:42:51 UTC 2006

Dear Lauri,

Sorry for my delay, so if I well understood I only need the sane lib and 
libusb in order to develop my driver.
About the disassembler, I don't know if it is a good idea.
I had lectures about retro-engineering and it seems that doing such thing may 
cause legal matters, at least in France. I need to be sure about this. Anyway 
I still have the other way : scanning some little picture scans and perform a 
log analysis.

I have been waiting for about a year so several months of test won't make me 
mad. ^^
About the matter about the controller I tried to open my other scanner but I 
saw the design is made to destroy it if I try to remove the metal plate above 
the main board. I have to be careful about it .


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