[sane-devel] Recent hardware w/good sane suport, 300dpi, fast ADF, USB2? (alternatives for Fujitsu fi-4020C2)

Horst Herb subscriptions at gnumed.net
Sun Feb 12 00:27:53 UTC 2006

On Sun, 12 Feb 2006 11:14, Jeff Kowalczyk wrote:
> I've still not purchased a fast ADF scanner for home-office use. I was
> hoping someone might have tried a recent model of a certain class that was
> working well for them under sane.
> interface: USB-2.0
> ADF: 50 sheet or larger,
> config: upright, flatbed not desired
> speed: >= 15  ppm @ 300 dpi 1-bit,
>           10  ppm @ 300 dpi 256-grayscale,
>           25+ ppm @ 150 dpi 1-bit
> intangibles: sane support, good reliability reputation (esp ADF)
> price range: USD $500 to $1,100

I am most impressed with my Avision AV220

It costs just over $500, has a 50 sheet ADF which works flawless (even stacks 
of crumpled old notes), has genuine Duplex capabilities (really scans both 
sides of the paper at the same time), and does real 25 ppm (single side) or 
50ppm in Duplex mode. We have 3 Fujitsus which have costed >$3000 each, and I 
see no difference in paper handling. We are throwing out the Fujitsus now, 
because their spares  (e.g. pickups) are prohibitively expensive, and their 
desktop real estate is huge compared to the tiny Avision. We also have HPs, 
but I was not impressed with their paper handling when it gets a bit humid or 
paper is a bit crumpled.

The SANE driver works very well; I bought the scanner, plugged it in, and 
after adjusting permissions (would only let me scan as root) it just works - 
and I mean every single feature the scanner has to offer works well under 

Only problem I have is I still haven't worked out how to pull the second image 
from a Duplex scan programmatically from Python, but works fine using e.g. 

Disclaimer: I have no financial interest whatsoever in promoting Avision, just 
very happy about their product I bought

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