[sane-devel] Re: Recent hardware w/good sane suport, 300dpi, fast ADF, USB2? (alternatives for Fujitsu fi-4120C2)

Jeff Kowalczyk jtk at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 12 01:28:38 UTC 2006

Horst Herb wrote:
>> interface: USB-2.0
>> ADF: 50 sheet or larger,
>> config: upright, flatbed not desired
>> speed: >= 15  ppm @ 300 dpi 1-bit,
>>           10  ppm @ 300 dpi 256-grayscale,
>>           25+ ppm @ 150 dpi 1-bit 
>> intangibles: sane support, good reliability reputation
>> (esp ADF)
>> price range: USD $500 to $1,100
> I am most impressed with my Avision AV220

Thanks for the tip, I wouldn't have thought to look at an Avision. I'm
going to look at this one closely based on the roughly 40% lower price and
good driver support you cite.

Their main scanner web page has broken image links, and the manual is also
missing from the linked ftp site. I would like to read up on the specs and
performance under the scan modes I listed;


> The SANE driver works very well; I bought the scanner, plugged it in,
> and after adjusting permissions (would only let me scan as root) it just
> works - and I mean every single feature the scanner has to offer works
> well under SANE.

That's good news. Do you use the backend at:

or the curious binary (.so) at the avision ftp site?

01-19-06  01:43PM     31259 libsane_av220.{D} 
01-19-06  01:43PM     31259 libsane_av220.zip 
01-19-06  01:43PM    153879 libsane_fb2000.{D} 
01-19-06  01:43PM    153879 libsane_fb2000.zip 
01-19-06  01:43PM     31261 libsane_fb6000.{D} 
01-19-06  01:43PM     31261 libsane_fb6000.zip 
01-18-06  01:58PM     34315 libsane_fb6000U.zip 
01-17-06  08:44PM     30632 libsane-av220.{D} 
01-16-06  08:49PM     95156 libsane-av220.so.{D}

> Only problem I have is I still haven't worked out how to pull the second
> image from a Duplex scan programmatically from Python, but works fine
> using e.g. XSane

Awesome, driving scanners with Python! This is exactly where I'm headed,
too ;) Are you using sane.py and sane.so included in PIL-1.1.5?

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