[sane-devel] sane SCSI 32bit emulation on 64bit

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Tue Jan 10 12:58:45 UTC 2006

Julien BLACHE wrote:
> abel deuring <adeuring at gmx.net> wrote:
>>I don't want to open a discussion about licenses, but IMHO Sane's
>>exception to the GPL encourages cases like this one. I think it
>>would be more reasonable to put sane-backends under the LGPL, which
> Good luck in getting every copyright holder (which includes every
> patch contributor) to agree to the relicensing :)

That's exactly, why I wrote that I don't want to open a discussion ;)

>>makes the rules for linking proprietary and free code very clear,
> Err, no, not really. It quickly becomes quite tricky to use LGPL code
> in an application in complete compliance with the license.

Really? Admittedly, it is some time ago that I took a closer look to
the LGPL, but I thought that the main reqirement is that a user must
be able to recompile the free library and to link this new library
version to the proprietary code. No big deal with shared libraries,
for example.


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