[sane-devel] Decoding scripts for genesys backend

Stéphane VOLTZ stefdev at modulonet.fr
Sat Jan 14 05:58:41 UTC 2006


	here are the scripts I talked to you. You run the 'cmd.sh' against the log 
file processed by the 'decode.sh' I sent previously. What it does is 
gathering high level actions, building a map of shadow registers, shading 
tables and motor slopes. Then it dump the complete status it at each motor 
start (which is used as a commit signal).
	So all the 'atomic' actions are gathered, and all you have to do is to 
compare this global status with the one of the backend at each motor start.
	The way I use it is to run scanimage to gut a debug log, and compare 
slope/registers at a particular action with the status dumped by 'cmd.sh'. 
Then I modify the code until both logs match.
	While the most interesting thing is getting data, I really do think you'll 
have to fix all the calibration steps before tackling with this. For a start, 
I'll get sure that gl646_search_start_position() does work properly, even it 
may almost work currently. If you need to generate new motor slope tables (as 
extracted by the script), I'd recommend to use the methode used by gl841.

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