[sane-devel] USB sanner only as root

Gustavo Bayer gustavobayer at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 19:30:34 UTC 2006

Using two differente computers, both with Debian based on kernel
2.6.14-kanotix-6, I can access the USB-scanners (Benq 4300U and Benq 5000U)
only as root. In another list I got the information that this should be
because of a bug in sane/hotplug. Is this true, and is there a solution? By
the way, the user is already in the groups "scanner" and "saned"

List of packages used:
kernel 2.6.14-kanotix-6
libsane 1.0.17-1
sane 1.0.14-1
sane-utils 1.0.17-1
xsane 0.99-1
xsane-common 0.99-1
hotplug 0.0.20040329-25
hotplug-knoppix 0.5-7
hotplug-utils 0.0.20020401-4
Gustavo F. Bayer
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