[sane-devel] upcoming iscan release

russbucket russbucket at nwi.net
Wed Jan 25 21:51:56 UTC 2006

On Friday 20 January 2006 10:11, you wrote:
> > Hi Russ,
> >
> > Sorry for the late followup.  Release was also delayed :-(
> >
> > Anyway, iscan-1.18.0 contains no CX6600 specific fixes.  However,
> >   usb 0x04b8 0x0813
> >
> > to epkowa.conf/epson.conf.
> >
Just to update you. I finally installed 1.18 and changed the to .conf files 
mentioned. My scanner now works with Iscan, Xsane and kooka and it now 
identifies it with the correct model munber. Something must have been fixed 
since I was never able to get 1.17 to work but 1.14 worked. 
I'm not sure why this model is not listed in the source code since it is 
listed to use this driver on the epkowa website under all-in-one printers.

Anyway thats for your help again!!


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