[sane-devel] Try it out: SANE, JNI and Java all in an applet

Vacuum Joe vacuumjoe at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 17:01:57 UTC 2006

Hi Oliver,

Thank you for taking the time to try it out, and for
your detailed bug reports.

> yes, it works now - nice. One thing I noticed is
> that the scan button 
> becomes inactive after the scan, so you can only run
> the applet once. 
> The clear button seems to have no effect at all.

Right, the clear button is not hooked up at all, and
the UI (and upload component) still needs a bunch of
work.  In fact I have a newer version that needs to go
up there.  I just wanted to get the SANE / JNI layer
tested and working first.  The UI is going to get a
lot of changes.  One is that I will also create an
applet that's more of a conventional scanner tool,
where you do a preview and then the user crops it. 
All this will be going into our upcoming contact
management application.  Yes, there will be a desktop
/ office type application that has Linux support
BEFORE it has MS Windows support!
> > Also, as soon as I get a x64 (soon!) I'll compile
> the
> > binary for that.
> I'm not sure it will work at all - as far as I can
> tell there's no 64 
> bit java plugin available for firefox. It may work
> in konqueror 
> though.

Well, that is beyond the scope of what I can do.  But
I just realized something: our server computer
(http://chiralsoftware.net/) is a 86_64 so I can
compile it!  I'm sending you a 86_64 .so file in a
private message.  I would be delighted if you would
try it out.  I have no idea if it will work, and I
have no way to test it myself because obviously our
server doesn't have a scanner, etc, plugged into it.

On another subject, can we get the JNI code rolled
into the SANE project distribution?  The current japi
code in sane-backend has not been maintained for about
9 years now.  Our company will sponsor the code and
code maintenance.  Can we do this please?  Java is
part of the future of the Linux desktop, with some
major and very active projects (Jakarta, gcj, Apache
Harmony, and Kaffe) all very active.  Scanner access
is a small but important part of it.  Whoever has
control over what goes in the dist, please contact me
so we can do this.  We've already open-sourced another
component of it, which is a "light" fork of

We're going to make a big deal of the security and
privacy of our contact management service, and part of
it is that all the code will be either Java (which is
easy to analyze for malware), or will have source code
available, so people could look in the code for
libscanner.so and confirm, "yup, that does exactly
what they say it does, and I can compile it myself."

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