[sane-devel] JNI code for SANE

Vacuum Joe vacuumjoe at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 22:23:07 UTC 2006

> So once the GPLed code has been found ok I think it
> can get part of
> sane-frontends.

> Concerning japi I think we should pack it into a
> .tar.gz file, put in
> on the ftp server and link to it somewhere in case
> somebody is still
> interested. Then it can be removed from
> sane-backends CVS.

That sounds like the right thing.  I doubt there could
be any active projects still using it, but if there
are, they could get it.

> I'll just put it on the fronetnds page similar to
> the other frontends
> with a link to you and an explanation that the code
> is part of
> sane-frontends.

Excellent!  Thank you!

Now that I know that SANE is open to this, I need to
do a little bit of refactoring, etc, to get it ready
to go as an API.  Basically, the way it will work is
there will be a Scanner class which will use
providers.  Sane will be the provider for Linux
systems.  With the provider model, anyone who uses the
API won't have to worry about whether it is Sane (on
Linux) or TWAIN or whatever.  They will just use the
generic Scanner interface.  This is the same way most
things work in Java.  For example you write a database
application without making reference to any specific
database, so the same app will work on Oracle,
Postgres, etc.  This will allow people to start
writing more Scanner applications for Java.  Right now
there are not so many because it's so
platform-specific, and Java coders don't like
platform-specific stuff.

So I'll get that separated out and on our website
within a few days, and then you can review it and
hopefully put it on as an official part of SANE,
although maybe not in the sane-frontends.tar.gz per
se.  I'll probably also put in a very simple demo
application which makes a scan and saves a JPEG.

All the code that we submit will be under the GPL. 
>From a biz point of view, that's our only choice.

Now if only there were some better open source OCR

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