[sane-devel] JNI code for SANE

Andi McLean andi_mclean at ntlworld.com
Tue Jan 31 20:40:58 UTC 2006

Have you looked at JSane-net on sourcefoge ? (I'm the maintainer, though not 
very well at the moment :) )
It sounds like what you're planning is already part way there in the project.
It was originally written to connect to sane via it's network protocol, but I 
have extracted the interface, so that a JNI version could be written.
I know that it has been used by a few people. Have alook and tell me what you 
think. (sorry the main website is down at the moment.) do  asearch on 
sourceforge for jsane-net


On Sunday 29 Jan 2006 22:23, Vacuum Joe wrote:
> > So once the GPLed code has been found ok I think it
> > can get part of
> > sane-frontends.
> Excellent!
> > Concerning japi I think we should pack it into a
> > .tar.gz file, put in
> > on the ftp server and link to it somewhere in case
> > somebody is still
> > interested. Then it can be removed from
> > sane-backends CVS.
> That sounds like the right thing.  I doubt there could
> be any active projects still using it, but if there
> are, they could get it.
> > I'll just put it on the fronetnds page similar to
> > the other frontends
> > with a link to you and an explanation that the code
> > is part of
> > sane-frontends.
> Excellent!  Thank you!
> Now that I know that SANE is open to this, I need to
> do a little bit of refactoring, etc, to get it ready
> to go as an API.  Basically, the way it will work is
> there will be a Scanner class which will use
> providers.  Sane will be the provider for Linux
> systems.  With the provider model, anyone who uses the
> API won't have to worry about whether it is Sane (on
> Linux) or TWAIN or whatever.  They will just use the
> generic Scanner interface.  This is the same way most
> things work in Java.  For example you write a database
> application without making reference to any specific
> database, so the same app will work on Oracle,
> Postgres, etc.  This will allow people to start
> writing more Scanner applications for Java.  Right now
> there are not so many because it's so
> platform-specific, and Java coders don't like
> platform-specific stuff.
> So I'll get that separated out and on our website
> within a few days, and then you can review it and
> hopefully put it on as an official part of SANE,
> although maybe not in the sane-frontends.tar.gz per
> se.  I'll probably also put in a very simple demo
> application which makes a scan and saves a JPEG.
> All the code that we submit will be under the GPL.
> >From a biz point of view, that's our only choice.
> Now if only there were some better open source OCR
> options.
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