[sane-devel] howto Duplex

abel deuring adeuring at gmx.net
Sat Mar 4 21:59:32 UTC 2006

abel deuring wrote:

> Perhaps the PIL source code file Sane/_sane.c is to blame. The
> function SaneDev_snap expects that sane_start has been called, but
> makes all other calls to the Sane library functions needed to
> retrieve an image (sane_getparameters and sane_read) -- and finally
> calls sane_cancel. This last call should optionally be disabled: I'd
> guess that it "resets" the backend so that "backside data" of a
> duplex scan is discarded.

Just for the record: my guess about the cause of the bug was right;
a fix will be included in PIL 1.6. Thanks to Horst Herb for testing
the patch.


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