[sane-devel] Any further with canoscan LiDE 500F?

Gerald Murray gmurray at cloudnet.com
Mon Mar 20 00:54:25 UTC 2006

Quoting Jeff Shrowder <shrowder at uniting.com.au>:
> Looking through the archives I discovered a series of exchanges in 
> December about support for the 500F. What is the current situation? I'm 
>   not so sure I can help with developing that support (I'm no 
> programmer) but I am interested in getting this model supported. Is 
> there any other way I can help?
> Jeff Shrowder
Hi Jeff,

canon-LiDE 80, canon-LiDE 500F

Source of information:

backend: genesys-gl841

image acquisition:
  LiDE 80:
    Holtek HT82V36 (16-bit Analog/Digital converter for ccd and cis images)
  LiDE 500F:
There is some information on the Holtek chip.  Possibly more documentation
on the chips would be needed to develop from specifications.

Another method of developing sane support is to work from logs taken from
a working OS, by inspecting data as it travels over the USB bus.  
- No such logs have been made available 
- No developer has declared intent to integrate these scanners into sane.

Beyond the image acquisition the development effort might be minimal, as
canon's vendor-specific protocol for Lide 35 and 50 are known, and
the genesys code already has support for CIS images.
Someone would need to have such a scanner available, and carry the
development forward.

best regards,

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