[sane-devel] Any further with canoscan LiDE 500F?

Jeff Shrowder shrowder at uniting.com.au
Mon Mar 20 06:50:41 UTC 2006

Gerald Murray wrote:
> Quoting Jeff Shrowder <shrowder at uniting.com.au>:
>>Looking through the archives I discovered a series of exchanges in 
>>December about support for the 500F. What is the current situation? I'm 
>>  not so sure I can help with developing that support (I'm no 
>>programmer) but I am interested in getting this model supported. Is 
>>there any other way I can help?
>>Jeff Shrowder
> Hi Jeff,
> canon-LiDE 80, canon-LiDE 500F
> Source of information:
>   http://www.sane-project.org/lists/sane-mfgs.html
> backend: genesys-gl841
> image acquisition:
>   LiDE 80:
>     Holtek HT82V36 (16-bit Analog/Digital converter for ccd and cis images)
>   LiDE 500F:
>     ?
> There is some information on the Holtek chip.  Possibly more documentation
> on the chips would be needed to develop from specifications.
> Another method of developing sane support is to work from logs taken from
> a working OS, by inspecting data as it travels over the USB bus.  
> - No such logs have been made available 
> - No developer has declared intent to integrate these scanners into sane.
> Beyond the image acquisition the development effort might be minimal, as
> canon's vendor-specific protocol for Lide 35 and 50 are known, and
> the genesys code already has support for CIS images.
> Someone would need to have such a scanner available, and carry the
> development forward.
> best regards,
> Gerald


Since I last posted my old Mustek has croaked it and I've actually taken 
the plunge and bought the 500F (can't live/work without a scanner 
<grin>) and have it plugged into my dual-boot box (Win98/RH9) on my home 

So, what do I need to log the data moving over the USB bus?



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