[sane-devel] ADF detection

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Thu Mar 23 09:57:23 UTC 2006


On Tuesday 21 March 2006 19:04, m. allan noah wrote:

> > Grepping backend directory revields matches for both.
> is 'Default' better than 'Normal'?


> > The avision backend also handles film scanners where "Flatbed"
> > would be slightly misleading ...
> >
> can you change between 'Flatbed' and 'Film' for those scanners? can you 
> even identify them?

Yes, mostly. Only very old (not yet really working) Dual Scan I scanners
do not have the proper bits set. But I need overwrite marks in my device list
for those anyway, thus I "know" they are film as well.

> i like 'ADF Front' instead of just 'ADF', i think it is more consistent.
> but i do like your ordering better, so i think i shall do this:
> "Flatbed|ADF Front|ADF Back|ADF Duplex"

Well, on non duplex devices "ADF Front" might be misleading
and people search for the Back option? Somehow I like just ADF.

> and if a fujitsu ever gets film, i would change 'Flatbed'.

I'm right now thinkin where an sepearte transparency switch
is not too bad, because I heared that there "might be" ADFs
"some time soon" that are able to scan transparencies. Since
the devices do not exist yet I do not know whether this mode
will just work due placing the lamp where it always shines thru
transparency or whether it has to be enabled. In the later case
a seperate "enable transparency" switch might be better
than the transparency source ...

> >> can you change avision to the same?
> >
> > My best client will scream, but yes ,-)
> haha- you getting paid for this?

Not for the "for the sake" changes like strings of modes, but for
certain parts of the coding, yes - these days. When you look
carefully on our homepage you will also see that due to our
relationship from the Linux work, Avision contracted us to do
the OS X TWAIN driver.

(but so far the balance of that work is not that black). Linux work
is more profitable than OS X stuff (so far for us).


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