[sane-devel] Fedora Core 4/SANE/HP 1510

Don Bossung donald at bossung.net
Thu Mar 23 14:32:08 UTC 2006

Hello List,


I have the following installed


Fedora Core 4 





HP PSC1510


The  scanner works fine on the Fedora box.


Networking is my problem. I am using SaneTwain on a windows box and have
followed the man pages for saned to setup networking.


I have created a user named saned with a group saned

Saned.conf holds the IP address of the windows client.

Dll.conf holds hpaio and net

I have added: 

sane-port       6566/tcp                # SANE network scanner daemon

to /etc/services

I have created the file sane-port in /etc/xinetd.d holding

service sane-port


     port        = 6566

     socket_type = stream

     wait        = no

     user        = saned

     group       = saned

     server      = /usr/sbin/saned



When I start SaneTwain and setup the host (by ip address not name) I get a
'Error establishing connection to host' message.


To help troubleshoot this I started saned with debugging on the server using

            SANE_DEBUG_HPAIO=128 saned -d128


To my surprise, SaneTwain on the windows client found the scanner and it
works fine. When I kill the debug on the server, the problem starts again.
So, it appears that I am not getting saned to work as a daemon properly????


Any help would be appreciated





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