[sane-devel] Timetable for the release of sane-backends 1.0.18

Anderson Lizardo andersonlizardo at yahoo.com.br
Sun May 21 22:24:54 UTC 2006

Henning Meier-Geinitz <henning at meier-geinitz.de> wrote:
> - geniusvp2: Nobody volunteered to move it into CVS and maintain it
>   there. Julien reported that the "geniusvp2 doesn't release ppdev"
>   problem is still there.


I'm the current maintainer of the geniusvp2 backend. Due to lack of
time, I haven't worked on it for many months, but I intend to restart
working on it. Here's the current status of the code:

- the latest released version (, basically the same code from
the sane-extras package) is based on ppdev. I thought that the patch
that Julien sent me some time ago (and which is in sane-extras since
1.0.16 AFAIR) has fixed the problem reported above, but it seems it's
not the case.

- I have a new version converted to sanei_pp API, with a few code
improvements,  but no new features. I should put it on a SVN repository
at SF.net ASAP. The reason I didn't release a new version based on this
new code yet is that it has proved more "unstable" than the previous
ppdev code, with more backtracks when scanning at relatively high
resolutions. The scan is also hanging more than the previous code at
normal resolutions. I plan to investigate better how the Windows driver
sets up the motor speed and other settings, because even when running
Windows under Bochs (which already has its own overhead) on a Linux
host, there are bo backtracks or hangs at all.

So, given the situation, I suggest _not_ putting the current code in
SANE CVS yet. Maybe the new sanei_pp based code is more suitable, but
it should still stay experimental given the stability issues and lack
of features (no calibration, no B/W).

Any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me.
Best Regards,
Anderson Lizardo

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