[sane-devel] UMax Powerlook 2100XL under OpenBSD

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Wed May 31 20:13:52 UTC 2006

can you get a debug log of a small area scanimage run, and put it up on 
the web somewhere? post a link to it on this list.


On Wed, 31 May 2006, Alan Corey wrote:

> I'm back with another UMax.  I seem to be having a problem with the scsi buffer
> size setting.  If I increase it from the default 32768 by even a small amount,
> I get an out of memory error immediately on starting to preview.
> Using the default of 32768 I can preview and scan in line art and gray scale
> modes, and scan small areas in RGB by skipping the preview or using scanimage.
> If I try to preview in RGB mode I get an out of memory error after the scanner
> has done its initial positioning or calibration.  That's very different from
> the timing of what happens if I increase the minimum and it dies as soon as I
> click the Preview button.
> I'm wondering if it's because the backend is having trouble allocating memory
> under OpenBSD.  I've never done any programming under Linux, but OpenBSD (and
> FreeBSD) use malloc(), and I don't usually have trouble getting memory.  Or
> isn't this just a simple matter of allocating memory?
> The box has 512 megs of RAM.  SCSI card is an Adaptec 2940u.  What tests should
> I try or what changes should I make?  Actually for this application I'm
> planning to use it in gray scale mode anyway, but it would be nice to have RGB
> working.
> Thanks,
>  Alan
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