[sane-devel] Documentation: ColorPage-SF600 is supported

Ryan Reading ryanr23 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 5 13:18:03 UTC 2006

No problem.  The scanner seems to work exactly as the OpticSlim M12 is
documented to work.  I was able to scan in grayscale, and color at
different DPIs, but lineart was coming out all white.  However, like
the M12, there didn't seem to be any calibration, so the images that
did scan correctly were very light and washed out...  in fact, that
seemed to be the reason the lineart images were always all white.  I
think that everything was scanning in so light that nothing was being
detected as black in the lineart scans.

The scanner comes with a calibration sheet, but I wasn't sure if there
was any way to use it with sane.  I assume not...

-- Ryan

On 10/3/06, Henning Meier-Geinitz <henning at meier-geinitz.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2006-10-02 22:12, Ryan Reading wrote:
> > I e-mailed the maintainer of the backend, but haven't heard anything
> > back, I thought I'd say something here too.
> Sorry, I must have missed your mail.
> > The ColorPage-SF600 is supported by the gt68xx backend.  It's just a
> > repackage of the
> > OpticSlim M12.  It uses the same firmware.  I was able to get it
> > working simply by adding the PID and VID to the config file, setting
> > the override to the M12, and supply the firmware.
> Thanks for your report. I'll add the scanner to the source code and
> gt68xx.conf so manual work shouldn't be necessary in future.
> How well does it work?
> Bye,
>   Henning
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