[sane-devel] Saving to the Last Directory?

Denis.Roegel at loria.fr Denis.Roegel at loria.fr
Tue Oct 17 21:00:34 UTC 2006

Selon Frank Martinez <martinezfive at comcast.net>:

> Hi,
> 	Does a method currently exist to save the image in whatever
> directory I last saved an image in, instead of one set directory for
> all?  I mean, other than starting with the directory set in
> Preferences and moving throughout the file system?

I second this. There definitely should be either some option
like -d on the command line (with for -d . being one possibility),
or xsane should come with a script doing that for the user. It
is a real pain to have to select a directory twice
(once by going there to launch xsane, and once again
through the xsane menus) when saving scans in many different
places. It is not a good solution to save all files in one place
and move them afterwards, because some of the scans may be
related to earlier ones and you want to be able to see all
related scans at the same time.

I really don't understand the current default, and I don't understand
why the former behavior (at least as of 2001) is not available
as an option. This is very very important for efficiency and
scanning speed.

Denis Roegel

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