[sane-devel] What docs do I need to add support for a scanner (Plustek might help me...) ?

Blazej Kaczorowski z interia.pl mrkaczor at interia.pl
Sun Oct 22 20:21:30 UTC 2006

Hi all i am new :) I'a watching your list for quite a while - it looks 
like Sane is very lifely :)
> The thing is that I have been in contact with some prople working for 
> Plustek support. I got this e-mail from one person working there:
> "Thanks for your email.
> What kind of technical data do you need?  We can only provide the data 
> for implementing the Linux driver."
> Also I got the information that the ScanCopy 115 is (most probably) 
> the same scanner as the OpticPro ST28.
> I think that my ScanCopy is a rebadged OpticPro ST28, made to fit the 
> Konica Minolta Magicolor 2300W Printer.
Hi i Have S28 Plustek (USB scanner (vendor=0x07b3, product=0x0801, 
chip=GL841?) at libusb:003:002)) scanner and i am interested ... can u 
post email to witch u post this question? I'm also not good in driver 
writting but i am fast lerner i will try to look at that carefully

> As I am not very familiar with SANE, I have no idea of what to reply 
> to this person working for Plustek, but I don't want to loose this 
> opportunity.
> How helpful has Plustek been in the past? Is this something unusual 
> that they are willing to provide documents to SANE?
> Are there anyone interested in helping me with a driver for these two 
> scanners?
I am interested
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