[sane-devel] Backend for CanoScan D1250U2?

Jens Herrmann jemihe at gmx.de
Mon Oct 23 14:41:21 UTC 2006

I bought a CanoScan D1250U2 two years ago which I would like to use with
Linux now. Although from time to time there where people working on a
backend its still unsupported. Last thing I heard of it was that Norbert
Lataille did achieve some functionality 3 years ago. When I tried to
contact him I did'nt get an answer.

Robert Jansen 3 years ago speculated that a SQ Scan09 ASIC and a Philips
ISP1581 USB 2.0 Controller might be used in the D1250U2.
To make sure I opened my scanner, removed the electromagnetic shield
from the circuit board and shot some photos. What I found was that:


>From left to right:

* IC1: http://jens-herrmann.gmxhome.de/IC1.JPG
is a IS41C16256-25K (DRAM)

* IC2: http://jens-herrmann.gmxhome.de/IC2.JPG
128 Pin, has no logo or type on it, the 610800009721 is a Part-Nr. .
I was not able to identify this IC.

* IC3: http://jens-herrmann.gmxhome.de/IC3.JPG
is a L66219 (Step-Motor driver)

* IC4: http://jens-herrmann.gmxhome.de/IC4.JPG
48 Pin, has no logo or type on it, the 610800010009 is a Part-Nr. which
is listed here
and here
when you search for it, but the type can't be found there too.
I was not able to identify this IC either.

What can be said is that the ISP1581 is not used here, because it is a
64 Pin type. Can anyone help with identification? What would a repair
shop do when in need for one of these IC's? I called up a reseller for
electronic components but they could'nt help.

I also would appreciate code examples for the D1250U2. Please send an
Email to jemihe at gmx.de when working on the backend.

Thanks in Advance
Jens Herrmann
(from Germany)

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