[sane-devel] Reinstall helped

Tzadik Vanderhoof Tzadik.Vanderhoof at cavtel.net
Mon Oct 23 13:18:00 UTC 2006

I just wanted to give some quick feedback... A while ago, I
posted a problem with my Brother MFC (scanning mysteriously
stopped working) and someone suggested reinstalling the OS. 
At first that sounded drastic, but upon reconsideration, I
realized that it need not be all that disruptive and may
solve several nagging issues I've been living with.

Well, yesterday I finally did the reinstall of Ubuntu, then
followed the installation instructions for the Brother
posted on the Ubuntu forums (which I had followeed earlier),
and the scanning (as well as printing) is now working fine.

Incidentally, I also got my sound working again, although
the solution I eventually found could have been applied
without reinstalling.  But the reinstall did motivate me to
dig deeper to get that fixed as well, since I now knew the
problem was not some esoteric glitch.

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