[sane-devel] batch scanning from ADF with SP15C and xsane

Jeremy Johnson jazz_johnson at verizon.net
Mon Sep 18 18:43:55 UTC 2006

Is there any way to scan using xsane
such that it will scan from the ADF until the
ADF is empty.

I've written a shell script for batch scanning
from the ADF using scanadf:

scanimage -v $OPTIONS \
          --batch="out.%04d.pnm" \

which works for my ScanPartner 15C:

#scanadf -help
Options specific to device `net:myhost.mydomain.net:sp15c:/dev/sg0':
  Scan Mode:
    --source ADF|FB [ADF]
        Selects the scan source (such as a document-feeder).
    --mode Lineart|Halftone|4-bit Gray|8-bit Gray|Color [Lineart]
        Selects the scan mode (e.g., lineart, monochrome, or color).
    --resolution 0|60|75|80|100|120|150|200|240|300|600dpi [200]
        Sets the horizontal resolution of the scanned image.
    --y-resolution 0|60|75|80|100|120|150|200|240|300|600dpi [200]
        Sets the vertical resolution of the scanned image.
    -l 0..216mm (in steps of 1.52588e-05) [0]
        Top-left x position of scan area.
    -t 0..356mm (in steps of 1.52588e-05) [0]
        Top-left y position of scan area.
    -x 0..216mm (in steps of 1.52588e-05) [215.47]
        Width of scan-area.
    -y 0..356mm (in steps of 1.52588e-05) [279.364]
        Height of scan-area.
    --threshold 0..255 (in steps of 4) [128]
        Select minimum-brightness to get a white point


I use my batch scanning script to set $OPTIONS
to scanadf. However, sometimes I need more interaction,
such as when I must manually adjust contrast/brightness/etc.

But using xsane, I have to manually click "Scan" for each
page, or type "Ctrl-Enter". I'd like to be able to
click "Scan" and have xsane scan until the ADF is empty,
just like scanadf does.

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