[sane-devel] [Announcement] SaneTwain v1.27 available for download

Herman Kuiper herman at ozuzo.net
Tue Sep 19 20:06:51 UTC 2006

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SaneTwain is TWAIN compliant datasource which is able to connect to a SANE 
scanner backend. By querying the SANE backend it builds a GUI which can be 
used to set the options (or capabilities) of the scanner. It offers 
preview, scanning and printing of multiple regions.

Major changes since 1.25:
- complete replacement of the underlying TWAIN layer; this
  version should now work again on Windows XP
- internationalization of the GUI (currently available in
  English, German, French, Dutch, Russian and Turkish)
- updated the GUI to use XP theming when available (for
  the TWAIN datasource only when the host application has
  themes enabled)
- for closed environments, allow multiple setups to be
  defined in the INI-file; setups can refer to different
  hosts and/or different scanners and/or different option
- Windows installer available
- added papersize presets
- allow saving of all options with Ctrl-A
- allow resize of regions from corners
- fixed numerous small and less small bugs

This version has been in beta for a long time, and hopefully all (major) 
bugs have now been resolved. Feedback welcome as usual.

URL for more information and download: http://sanetwain.ozuzo.net



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