[sane-devel] Backend for Relisys Teco Mercury 3600 VM3582

Daniel Rößel droessel at freenet.de
Tue Sep 19 23:24:46 UTC 2006

Hi Everyone,

I recently got a friend's old parallel scanner "Relisys Mercury 3600" 
(identical to Teco Mercury 3600 VM3582) and found out that it's not 
supported by sane (yet!).

Does anyone plan on writing a backend? I couldn't find much in the 
mailing lists, probably due to the scanner being such a piece of junk. 
However, I need a bit of programming practise anyway, so I'll give it a 
try and try to write a backend myself.

Please contact me if you've already tried to write one or would like to.

As my programming skills are rather limited, help will be greatly 

The existing three teco backends are all for SCSI-Scanners, so I guess 
just tweaking them a bit won't make the parallel scanner work with them.

So long,

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