[sane-devel] CanoScan LiDE 70

Waitman Gobble waitman at waitman.net
Thu Sep 28 05:05:10 UTC 2006


I've purchased a Canon LiDE 70 and would like to use it on my computer.

The 70 isn't listed on the sane web site.

Is there a way to try to coerce the existing driver, to see if it 
commands my device properly? My software simply yells at me, telling me 
my scanner does not exist.

Can I provide any information regarding my hardware/software 
configuration to empower the driver developer(s) to add support for this 

I have a feeling I'll have to purchase an LiDE 60 if I want to do any 
scanning in the meantime, since that device appears to be supported. :)

Thank you,

Waitman Gobble
Los Altos, California

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