[sane-devel] Still problems With Mustek BearPaw TA 2448 Pro

Dr. Harry Knitter harry at knitter-edv-beratung.de
Sat Aug 4 16:02:51 UTC 2007


here I am again.

I´m still in trouble with this (g ....) scanner mentioned above.
The situation was that the scanner worked.
I found out that a virtual machine of WinXP running under VMware Server seemed 
to cause the trouble. When I had sterted vmware the scanner didn´t work (even 
if I diddn´t passs USB-devices to that machine. After having stopped vmware 
the scanner worked as desired.
So I decided to uninstall vmware completely (no process is running any more).
Now the situation is that the scanner is not recognized by any gui program 
neither Xsane nor Kooka nor the plugins in Gimp.
However SANE_DEBUG_MUSTEK_USB2=255; xscanimage and lsusb show the scanner.
Is there any help available?

Thanks in advance


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