[sane-devel] HP ScanJet 7400c on Mac OS X (TWAIN-SANE interface v. 2.0, sane-avision backend)

Moritz Heckscher moritz.heckscher at gmx.de
Sun Aug 5 17:58:52 UTC 2007

> I've had problems with sane and scanners myself when I
> connected the scanner through an USB hub.

Thanks for your thoughts. In my case, the scanner is connected  
directly, not using a hub.

> I don't know if you have lot's of backends uncommented in the  
> dll.conf file (I
> suppose its present in mac X too) but that might give a longer  
> startuptime.

I did have almost all backends active (it was the default), I've  
uncommented all but avision. However, the response time of "scanimage  
-L" is still the same.

 From my most recent tries, it appears to me that once "sane-find- 
scanner" detects the scanner, I still need to wait half a minute or  
so for "scanimage -L" to detect it as well.


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