[sane-devel] [HPLIP-Devel] HP LaserJet M1005 sane backend

Couriousous couriousous at mandriva.org
Fri Aug 10 18:39:36 UTC 2007


Here is an update about this driver status:

- Scanning at every native resolution and color mode is supported.
- Scanning area selection is supported
- Scanner is properly put back in "idle" state after a scan
- Backend use less memory when scanning

So, it's a pretty complete backend. You can download it here:

User feedback would be welcome, even if it's only a "It works here". It's nice 
to know if works on others printers.

BTW, HP guys, since I've reverse-engineered almost all the protocol, it would 
be nice to give me the full spec so I could check if I don't make false 
assumptions which could potentially break the device .... 


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