[sane-devel] lamp does not turn on

Andrej * union.kjesi at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 19:10:46 UTC 2007

>>On Sonntag, 5. August 2007, rami yarkoni wrote:
>>* hi
*>>* i have an umax 3400 scanner
*>>* and i am working with ubuntu 7.4
*>>* the scanner dose not turn the lamp on

*>>* way ?
>please try the latest CVS snapshot, the problem should
>be fixed there.


I have similar problem with umax astra net ia101 (using plustek driver).

First, lamp didn't turn on, so the picture was black and scanner head didn't
return, it stopped in middle of parking. (that happens in xsane and
openoffice gui and NOT with scanimage, which scans perfectly).

I think that reason for this, is usb suspend, which I compiled into kernel
2.6.20. But (and I don't know why) when booting with old kernel (without usb
suspend compiled) I still have the same problems with scanner, which I
didn't had before.

Today I compiled sane-backends from cvs. Now lamp is working fine, but
scanner head still doesn't want to return and stops a few seconds after
finish scanning and in middle of parking.

The main questions is, why I have this problem with my old kernel without
usb suspend?
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