[sane-devel] A Question about USB sniffer logs (SnoopyPro) / windows' USB system

René Kjellerup webmaster at keenan.dk
Mon Aug 20 22:00:18 UTC 2007

Hi' all,

Now I've made a few logs, and I've come across something

I start the sniffer, then open the preview/scanning 
interface from my photo editor (PS7).

And when it's running, the sniffer just stops getting any
more packets even when scanning an image of say 1x1cm at 100dpi.
I can even change to another setting and scan that and still
no aditional packets are seen by the sniffer.

Can Windows force to go around the sniffer and somehow 
communicate with the scanner directly in some way?

Kind regards/Venlig hilsen
René Kjellerup
-- as life grows older, I gain experience. 

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