[sane-devel] A Question about USB sniffer logs (SnoopyPro) / windows' USB system

Pierre Willenbrock pierre at pirsoft.dnsalias.org
Tue Aug 21 09:07:37 UTC 2007

René Kjellerup schrieb:
> Hi' all,
> Now I've made a few logs, and I've come across something
> odd.
> I start the sniffer, then open the preview/scanning 
> interface from my photo editor (PS7).
> And when it's running, the sniffer just stops getting any
> more packets even when scanning an image of say 1x1cm at 100dpi.
> I can even change to another setting and scan that and still
> no aditional packets are seen by the sniffer.
> Can Windows force to go around the sniffer and somehow 
> communicate with the scanner directly in some way?
SnoopyPro has a buffer size limitation making it unable to receive
packets above a certain size. If it receives a large packet, it stops
logging. Try this one:


Doesn't have a pretty gui for log analysis, but exports every part of
the packet into a textual log file(SnoopyPros xml output is just useless).


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