[sane-devel] Avision fails with HP 7400 in current CVS

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Mon Dec 31 20:49:20 UTC 2007


This bug was reported as Debian bug #458478 [1].

It looks like the avision backend is broken in current CVS as far as
the HP7400 is concerned:

> The Scanner HP Scanjet 7400 c does not work; the command scanimage - L 
> detects the device, and also the software Sane or Kooka; but when
> trying 
> to acquire a previsualization or an image the equipment does reset the 
> current session and begins a new session
> This happens from the installation of the modification corresponding to 
> the 12/27/2007; before the modification the scanner work correctly.

Previous known working version was a CVS snapshot from July, CVS
history shows only 2 changes to the avision backend since the 1.0.18
release, the first of these 2 changes being the best candidate for the
current breakage.

Feel free to contact the submitter (email available at [1]) directly,
please keep me posted.



[1] <http://bugs.debian.org/458478>

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