[sane-devel] bug report

JKD jkdsoft at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 11:37:23 UTC 2007

El Fri, 15 de Jun de 2007, a las 11:35:12AM +0400, Dmitry Koroban dijo:
> Hi
> I have Benq 5550T usb scanner and its not mentioned in supported devices
> list.
> Device is recognized by sane-find-scanner as 'USB scanner (vendor=0x04a5[],
> product=0x2211 [Color FlatbedScanner39], chip=RTS8822L-01H) at
> libusb:002:004'
sane-find-scanner detects chipset RTS8822. It doesn't mean that your
device uses such chipset but there is a possibility. If this chipset has
an explicitly way to identify by itself I didn't find yet. It would be
great if you could open scanner's case and verify the precise model of
your chipset.

> I'm a bit experienced with microelectronics, so i might be of help making
> this device working.
> What sould i do?

Try hp3900 backend. Add next string in /etc/sane.d/hp3900.conf:
usb 0x04a5 0x2211

RTS8822 chipset works at low level. That means that there is information
about your scanner that must be set like motor resolution, sensor
resolution, steps for stepper motor programming and so on. So your scanner
can have strange behaviour because unknowns scanners are treated by backend
as a hp scanjet 3970 by default.

Jonathan Bravo Lopez

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