[sane-devel] LSB DDK: Support for scanner drivers/SANE into LSB 3.2?

René Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Fri Jun 22 10:14:09 UTC 2007

On Friday 22 June 2007 12:01:11 Till Kamppeter wrote:
> René Rebe wrote:
> >> SANE developers, WDYT about SANE getting into the LSB? Are you willing 
> >> to provide API documentation and testing procedures?
> > 
> > Some of us (read including me) are interested in this standardization
> > efford, while others plan to reinvent the SANE wheel with a 100%
> > incompatible SANE2 for about 5 years or so, now.
> > 
> Hase the SANE2 development actually started? What are the limitations of 

Don't think so.

> the current SANE framework? Is there no possibility to overcome them 
> without creating completely new driver and application APIs/ABIs?

I think SANE 1 is pretty fine and in too wide use to abondone. Features
of new scanners, such as JPEG and infrared frames can easily be added
without breaking anything, just new types.

I think most SANE 2 jadda jadda is driven by some "let's rewrite everything
so that it looks prettier" without thinking about the aspects like:

 - enforcing all application support to be rewritten
 - probably loosing a lot of old driver noone will port to SANE 2

and probably:

 - not enough volunteers to rewrite everything from scratch

which is possibly why no SANE 2 code despite a lot of SPEC talking
has seen the wild, yet.

> > Having the SANE API in the LSB is certainly a big step forward in future
> > end-user experience with Desktop Linux, it certainly also makes it harder
> > to rectify an incomtiable rewrite of SANE just for the sake of it.
> I would appreciate the cooperation from the SANE developers to get SANE 
> into LSB 3.2, as only adding this adds the same possibilities for 
> scanners which we have now with the LSB DDK for printers. See
> http://www.openprinting.org/
> http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting/WritingAndPackagingPrinterDrivers
> http://www.linux-foundation.org/en/OpenPrinting/LFSummitMountainView2007
> http://www.linux-foundation.org/images/e/e4/Distro-Independent-Packages.pdf
>     Till

As a company having Open Source scanning solutions in production,
and helping other companies to do so I appreciate this efford and would
help - however I can only do so if SANE 2 development does not throw
all away that we built up the last 10 years.


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  http://exactcode.de | http://t2-project.org | http://rene.rebe.name

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