[sane-devel] Epson 640U and sane1.0.18+cvs20061127-1

Bjoern Daehn bjoern at daehn-online.net
Mon Jun 25 15:06:15 UTC 2007


I trying to use an EPSON 640U with sane 1.0.18+cvs20061127-1.

The platform is a WL500gp running Oleg¹s firmware (Linux 2.4.20/mips). I
have sane-backend installed and ³scanner.o² module is recognizing the
scanner.c: USB scanner device (0x04b8/0x010c) now attached to scanner0
scanner.c: 0.4.16:USB Scanner Driver

sane-find-scanner  results:
found USB scanner (vendor=0x04b8, product=0x010c) at /dev/usb/scanner0

Access rights to /dev/usb/scanner0 are fine ­ a ³SANE_DEBUG_EPSON='255'
scanimage ­L² results:

[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of epson to 255.
[epson] sane_init: sane-backends 1.0.18-cvs
[epson] sane_init, ># epson.conf<
[epson] sane_init, >#<
[epson] sane_init, ># here are some examples for how to configure the EPSON
[epson] sane_init, >#<
[epson] sane_init, ># SCSI scanner:<
[epson] sane_init, >#scsi EPSON<
[epson] sane_init, ># for the GT-6500:<
[epson] sane_init, >#scsi "EPSON SC"<
[epson] sane_init, >#<
[epson] sane_init, ># Parallel port scanner:<
[epson] sane_init, >#pio 0x278<
[epson] sane_init, >#pio 0x378<
[epson] sane_init, >#pio 0x3BC<
[epson] sane_init, >#<
[epson] sane_init, ># USB scanner:<
[epson] sane_init, ># There are two different methods of configuring a USB
scanner: libusb and the kernel module<
[epson] sane_init, ># For any system with libusb support (which is pretty
much any recent Linux distribution) the<
[epson] sane_init, ># following line is sufficient. This however assumes
that the connected scanner (or to be more<
[epson] sane_init, ># accurate, it's device ID) is known to the backend.<
[epson] sane_init, >#usb<
[epson] sane_init, ># For libusb support for unknown scanners use the
following command<
[epson] sane_init, ># usb <product ID> <device ID><
[epson] sane_init, ># e.g.:<
[epson] sane_init, >#usb 0x4b8 0x110<
[epson] sane_init, >#usb 0x010c 0x04b8<
[epson] sane_init, ># And for the scanner module, use the following
[epson] sane_init, >#usb /dev/usb/scanner0<
[epson] sane_init, >usb /dev/usb/scanner0<
[epson] attach_one_usb(/dev/usb/scanner0)
[epson] SANE Epson Backend v0.2.47 - 2006-08-21
[epson] attach(/dev/usb/scanner0, 3)
[epson] attach: opening /dev/usb/scanner0
[epson] Found valid EPSON scanner: 0x4b8/0x10c (vendorID/productID)
[epson] reset()
[epson] send buf, size = 2
[epson] buf[0] 1b .
[epson] buf[1] 40 @
[epson] w_cmd_count = 1
[epson] r_cmd_count = 0
[epson] w_cmd_count = 1
[epson] r_cmd_count = 1
[epson] receive buf, expected = 1, got = 1
[epson] buf[0] 06 .
[epson] get_identity_information()
[epson] send buf, size = 2
[epson] buf[0] 1b .
[epson] buf[1] 49 I

[epson] w_cmd_count = 2
[epson] r_cmd_count = 1
[epson] w_cmd_count = 2
[epson] r_cmd_count = 2
[epson] receive buf, expected = 4, got = 4
[epson] buf[0] 02 .
[epson] buf[1] 00 .
[epson] buf[2] 13 .
[epson] buf[3] 00 .
[epson] code   02
[epson] status 00
[epson] count  19
[epson] w_cmd_count = 2
[epson] r_cmd_count = 3
[epson] receive buf, expected = 19, got = 19
[epson] buf[0] 44 D
[epson] buf[1] 31 1
[epson] buf[2] 52 R
[epson] buf[3] 4b K
[epson] buf[4] 00 .
[epson] buf[5] 52 R
[epson] buf[6] 96 .
[epson] buf[7] 00 .
[epson] buf[8] 52 R
[epson] buf[9] 2c ,
[epson] buf[10] 01 .
[epson] buf[11] 52 R
[epson] buf[12] 58 X
[epson] buf[13] 02 .
[epson] buf[14] 41 A
[epson] buf[15] ec .
[epson] buf[16] 13 .
[epson] buf[17] 7c |
[epson] buf[18] 1b .
[epson] type    D 0x44
[epson] level   1 0x31
[epson] type     0x00
[epson] level   T 0x54
[epson] forced
[epson] no option equipment installed
[epson] out of memory (line 5960)
[epson] sane_get_devices()

No scanners were identified. If you were expecting something different,
check that the scanner is plugged in, turned on and detected by the
sane-find-scanner tool (if appropriate). Please read the documentation
which came with this software (README, FAQ, manpages).

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