[sane-devel] saned.c - path to saned.conf

Lucas van Staden lvs at softhome.net
Mon Jun 25 17:45:11 UTC 2007

Julien BLACHE wrote:
> Lucas van Staden <lvanstaden at lizearle.com> wrote:
>> Any better fix for this ? Maybe I am missing a configure setting ?
>> I used ./configure --prefix=/ --bindir=/bin --sbindir=/bin --libdir=/lib
> --sysconfdir
> JB.

Yeah, I did see that one, but did not set it...marked as 'read only', so 
figure I cannot change it..

configure --help gives:

--sysconfdir=DIR   read-only single-machine data [PREFIX/etc]

so...using my prefix it set to //etc
I noticed the double slash, and also tried the configure with 
--prefix=   (blank) which then set sysconfdir to /etc.
A make install installed all files to correct folders, including 
prefix set to either blank or / had the same effect, saned could not 
find the saned.conf file.

Sorry about the two different posting emails, I forgot to change from my 
default (work) profile on my first post.


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