[sane-devel] Microfilm scanner

Guido Milanese guido.milanese at unicatt.it
Tue Jun 26 20:35:03 UTC 2007

Dear experts,
I would like to find a good microfilm scanner supported by Sane (I use Linux 
Mandriva). The one I have, an excellent Epson Perfection 4990, does a good 
job with photos , but only with strips (6 exposures). I know there are 
excellent microfilm scanners, as the Nikon Coolscan family, but they seem non 
supported by Sane. To be clear: the kind of microfilms I have to scan are the 
old kind of microfilms used by libraries e.g. for manuscripts and very old 
books. Now it's normal to send a CD with images, but many libraries still 
have this old kind of media.

Any suggestion greatly appreciated!
guido, italy 

Guido Milanese

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