[sane-devel] FI-5750C Error 4?

Simon Glass sglass at bluewatersys.com
Thu Jun 28 03:21:27 UTC 2007

Hi Alan,

Thank you.

m. allan noah wrote:
> On 6/26/07, Simon Glass <sglass at bluewatersys.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Now that I am able to build SANE (thanks Alan, but no I have no idea
>> about libtool) I have the FI-5750C working. It's a wonder to behold.
>> However, I am puzzled by an error that I get. It seems that if I try to
>> scan a page larger than the setting I have for the ADF size then I get
>> an error 4 (Unknown Error).
>> Further to that, if I try to scan A3 (even with the right ADF setting) I
>> get error 4. Maybe it is something slightly wrong with the paper size.
>> Any ideas on this one?
> error 4 is SANE_STATUS_INVAL, indicating that the scanner was unhappy
> with your choice of options. try setting the pagewidth and height
> before the x and y values, in case order of operations is important.
> show us the exact command line you are using.

Yes I did get it to go by fiddling and I think I know what is wrong (in
my code!). I am trying to centre the page to make up for the ADF so I
will sort that out and try again. The error 4 happens after the page is
scanned. In my view the driver should do the right thing, though. I'll
narrow this down a bit and get back to you.
>> Another point is that the scanner seems to pause after some pages. Not
>> every time, it might scan 6 pages and then pause for a second. But it is
>> quite noticeable. I wonder if that is SANE or Fujitsu...
> do you have the buffermode option? try turning that on. does the
> windows driver behave this way?
Haven't tried the windows driver, but I should be able to crank that up
with a laptop or something.

Will have to look up what buffermode is.
> also- can you verify that color scans look correct, and can you tell
> the usb productID for this machine?

found USB scanner (vendor=0x04c5, product=0x1095) at libusb:005:013

For colour I seem to get 3 images side by side across the page. I can
probably do a test page with separate RGB to send you an image if that
would help. Maybe there is a new file format.

Is there a way of getting JPEG data from the scanner?


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