[sane-devel] parallel make fix causes problems- was: CVS snapshots | md5_buffer undefined errors in auth_callback function

Hugh McMaster dasjournal at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 08:07:27 UTC 2007

Hi Allan, Ilia,

On 28/06/07, Ilia Sotnikov wrote:
> On 6/28/07, m. allan noah wrote:
> > i have traced this down to a change by isotnikov-guest (cc'd) on jun
> > 12 to use libtool instead of ar and ranlib in lib/ and sanei/. it
> > seems that our included version of libtool does not work properly in
> > link mode, and fails to pass the object names to ar. this wont bite
> > you if you are working in an old checkout, but after a make clean, or
> > with a new checkout, you'll have problems.
> >
> > i am not a libtool expert, but i did try using my system copy (1.5.16)
> > and it worked fine with the same command line.
> >
> Thank you for your efforts. I've done little investigation on the
> issue and can confirm that you found the exact place where the problem
> arises. Will try to provide a fix until the end of the weekend.

That is excellent news.


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